Samtone Reusable Makeup Remover Pads 20 Pack White Color


  • DURABLE USING And Easy Wash: Made with gentle and natural organic bamboo fabric and last years of use. You can use one reusable makeup cotton round over 1000 times! Utilize our super-soft reusable makeup removing pads together with your favored facial beauty products or makeup removers. Then just need to simply wash by hand, or clean by the washing machine within a laundry mesh bag, and reuse.
  • FEATURED SELECTION Of Two Kinds Of Bamboo Fabrics: The front cloth of organic cotton rounds is bamboo velour, great for removing make-up on delicate and sensitive skin like the eyes. The backcloth is bamboo terry, perfect for exfoliating and cleaning makeup for common skin areas like the face. Both cloths are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which can meet the rigorous standards of USDA and Oeko-Tek.
  • Exquisite Packaging, EASY TO CARRY: We’ve put together 20 cotton rounds reusable pads and a washable laundry bag with drawstring in an exquisite gift box. Every five pads are bundled up with a paper strap and put neatly inside. The whole package looks lightweight and convenient, which can go in your travel bag, gym bag, or luggage for effective makeup removal on short and long trips away.
  • WIDE APPLICATION And Ideal Gift:  Our Reusable makeup remover pads have the proper size, which can fit most woman’s hands for convenient use. Besides removing makeup, you also can use them as wiping pet eyes, cleaning iPad lens or any other little jobs. You’ll absolutely love them! Our reusable organic makeup remover wipes will make an ideal gift for all your eco-conscious friends and makeup lovers.
  • GREAT ORGANIC CLEAN ALTERNATIVE: Each one of reusable organic cotton rounds can replace thousands of disposable cotton pads, sponges, or towels. You’ll never have to purchase throwaway cotton wipes again, effectively saving you money and reducing waste. We specialize in earth-friendly facial products and work exactly as stated,100% biodegradable for your complete peace of mind.

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Help You Create A Personal Zero Waste Home Beauty Regime Is Our Mission.

  • We’ve put together the perfect pack of 20 bamboo makeup remover pads, a large reusable, washable laundry bag (also can work as a storage container at the non-wash time), and a pretty, dustproof, waterproof, and recyclable gift box. These are all the helpful factors for creating a completely zero waste home beauty solution. In addition, these 100% natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin, dry skin, and delicate baby skin.
  • We’ve selected two kinds of particular high-quality USDA-certified bamboo fabrics to be the two layers of our organic makeup remover pads. The front cloth is bamboo velour, great for removing make-up on tender and sensitive skin like the eyes and lips. The backcloth is bamboo terry, perfect for exfoliating and cleaning tenacious makeup for common skin areas like the face, neck, and forehead. Both layers are 100% natural, which can comply with rigorous Oeko-Tek standards.

Help You Save Money Is Our Wish.

  • These soft bamboo pads are perfect for removing makeup, saving you money, and reducing waste; you will never have to purchase one-use cleanser pads again. 20 bamboo reusable makeup remover pads can replace thousands of disposable makeup pads. You can reuse one pad over 1000 times! That would help you to save hundreds of dollars in the whole year.
  • Plus, our 20 pack bundle cotton rounds reusable pads are equal to 20 pcs bamboo terry scrub pads and 20 pcs bamboo velvet pads; thus, to meet the different needs of different skin types, it would be relatively much cheaper to buy our organic bamboo terry and velour pads than to buy one kind pad of them separately from different merchants, this also would help you to save some money.
  • Multiple applications of our reusable bamboo pad are another aspect of helping you save money. Besides removing makeup, you also can use them as washing your face, wiping pet eyes, cleaning your iPad or iPhone lenses, wash Baby or kids delicate skin, remove dirt on tables, even clearing and washing dishes, or doing any other little job. Finally, you only need to throw them in the compost bin to reduce garbage once you decide to retire them.

Offer You High-Quality Product Is Our Responsibility.

  • We’ve spent nearly two years researching how to make good organic reusable makeup remover pads. We choose the best bamboo cloth, which must meet our strict requirements about weight per square meter, Knitting density, softness, smoothness, Colorfastness, water absorption, and elasticity. We also pay close attention to the High elastic yarn and related Sewing machines. Plus, the sewing skill and packaging process are also always essential parts of quality control.
  • All our cotton organic pads can tumble dry well, do not shrink or shrivel in the dryer, and are far more durable than other materials. They would not pill or fluff after multiple washes.
  • It makes the perfect gift for makeup lovers and environment protectors! a right and a great choice for a friend’s gift, Birthday Gift, mom’s gift, Bridesmaids Gift, or for some other case of celebration.

Some Of The Amazing Features Of This Product:

  • 20-Pack reusable makeup remover pads; Excellent water absorption; Made with natural and organic bamboo fibers; 2-layer design; Washable by hand or in the washing machine; Skin-friendly and safe; Suitable for face, eyes, neck, lips, and even pets or gadgets; Waterproof and dustproof package; Soft feel; Gentle cleaning; Travel friendly; Long-lasting and cost-saving; a large laundry bag;

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