about us

a Reliable supplier of KN95 mask

We are a professional and reliable manufacturer of KN95 Mask located in Shenzhen China. 

We have 96 automatic high-speed mask production lines, Can produce 6.7 million KN95 masks per day, In addition, in the spirit of stable providing customers with quality products and one-stop comprehensive service concept,we invests in the production of raw materials, equipment manufacturing and finished product production, mainly include the production of melt-blown fabrics, non-woven fabrics ,hot air cotton, melt-blown manufacturing machines, high-speed mask production lines and KN95 mask products. We always pursued the business tenet of “Quality First, Credit First”, hoping to contribute its own strength to the global fight against the CONVID-19.

our Mission

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SAMTONE’s mission is to supply medical supplies in the fastest turnaround possible and for much lower than the market price. Our goal is to flatten the curve and save lives.

At this special time, nothing would be more important than to save lives and protect people, we are in a race against death, thus our core mission is to use the fastest way to supply kn95 masks for sale to our clients with the best quality. let them have enough source to help and protect people who needed, meanwhile ,we would try our best to control the cost to make sure the price would be the lowest in the market. we are proud to be the partner of our clients to fight against the Convid-19 and save more lives.